Dr Adam Smyth announced as keynote speaker

We are delighted to announce that Dr Adam Smyth of Balliol College, Oxford, is our first confirmed keynote speaker for this year’s conference, Works in Progress.

Even if Adam’s work was limited to Shakespeare, Ben Jonson and George Herbert on the one hand, and early modern diaries, commonplace books, jokes and almanacs on the other, it would constitute a fabulous and fascinatingly diverse body of work. But that’s not all: Adam has written monographs on early modern autobiography, seventeenth-century miscellanies, and has co-edited a book on the history of book destruction. The destruction, cutting, pasting, recycling and remaking of books is indeed just another of Adam’s great interests. This long list of research expertise is not exhaustive and you can learn more about Adam here. We also recommend the podcasts he has hosted on the history of the book, which includes an interview with one of last year’s keynote speakers, Professor Ian Gadd. The podcasts can be found here

Adam’s keynote talk is one not to be missed!



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