Read Julie Sanders’ abstract

The internationally-renowned Julie Sanders has kindly supplied us with an abstract of her keynote address to Works in Progress delegates, to whet our appetite for the day.

‘To be continued’

This talk will attempt a creative and playful approach to the concept of work in progress that itself presents projects not yet fully realised, adaptations in the process of becoming, a repertoire in the making, and scripts in development. The intention will be to explore the value and purpose of engaging with theatre work from its earliest inception in order to interrogate the creative process, and the ways in which theatre work is always an example of adaptation in process. What adaptation studies and academic work, not least editorial but also critical, might gain from engagement and collaboration with theatre companies will be a major focus: in terms of the so-called ‘finished product’, production or performance,  but also with ideas half-formed, those set aside in the process of rehearsal, and those which emerge after the official first night reviews. In the course of the discussion, I will suggest that not only is all theatre work adaptation in process but also that adaptation criticism is in this respect always unfinished, open-ended, subject to review ….

The raw material for this talk is itself part of a collaborative endeavour with Lorne Campbell and Northern Stage in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and I am grateful to them for the inspiration and the opportunity.

Find out more about Lorne Campbell and Northern Stage here and here.


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