Works in Progress’ Schedule

Works in Progress’ exciting schedule has been finalised!

Registration 8.45-9.30

KEYNOTE 1 [0.09] 9:30—10:30: Dr Adam Smyth (University of Oxford)

Break 10:30-10:50

SESSION 1 10:50—12:10

PANEL 1A [0.09]: People in Progress

Sally King (De Montfort University), ‘Interpret, interrogate and censor: The changing faces and fates of the Cinderella cast’

Jayne Buchanan (Plymouth University), ‘Art History: From Archival Research to Working with Living Artists’

Lucy Hobbs (De Montfort University), ‘The evolution of M – an extensible franchise character’

PANEL 1B [0.13]: Editing

Adrian Osbourne (Swansea University), ‘“Work in Progress”: Dylan Thomas’s “Altarwise by owl-light” in the fifth notebook’

James Monkman (Independent Scholar), ‘Compromised Fiction: The Editing of John Cheever’s “Torch Song” by Gustave Lobrano’

Philip Tromans (De Montfort University), ‘Richard Hakluyt, Editor’

Lunch 12:10-1:10

SESSION 2 1.10-2.30

PANEL 2A [0.09]: Unfinished Business

Kieran Foster (De Montfort University), ‘Dracula Unseen: The Unmade Films of Hammer’

Isobel Clarke (Royal College of Music), ‘“The triumph of an idea and a temperament in perpetual symbol”: Nijinsky’s Tyl Eulenspiegel

Nicola Boyle (De Montfort University) ‘“Sir I perceive you misdoubt my readiness”: an early modern example of the elasticity of deadlines’

PANEL 2B [0.13]: Adaptation

Chloe Owen (University of Exeter), ‘“The form of Faustus’ fortunes”: Dr Faustus as a Work in Progress’

Anupama Basu (University of York) ‘At the Intertextual Confluence: Rethinking Subalternity in Ray’s Adaptations of Tagore’

Sarah Burdett (University of York) ‘“A Strict Adherence to Truth”: Matthew West’s Adaptation of John Edmund Eyre’s The Maid of Normandy

Break 2:30-2:50

SESSION 3 2:50-4:10

PANEL 3A [0.09]: Film Production Practices

Laura Fryer (De Montfort University), ‘Ruth Prawer Jhabvala and Merchant Ivory’s collaborative filmmaking, or, Who did what and who cares?’

Tot Foster (Open University), ‘Grassroots’ video in the UK social welfare charity sector – developing a prototype for production’

PANEL 3B [0.13]: Composition

Andrew Raven (Lancaster University), ‘What is Compositional Hermeneutics?’

Megan Beech (University of Cambridge), ‘Process and Progress: Dickens’s notetaking practices and the composition of Our Mutual Friend

Andrew Jeffrey (Sheffield Hallam University), ‘“Most Incomplete”: Maggie O Sullivan’s Body of Work (in progress)’

Break 4:10-4.20

KEYNOTE 2 [0.09] 4:20—5:20: Professor Julie Sanders (Newcastle University) ‘To be continued’


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