The GradCATS

Paul Brown works on the social networks of the theatrical world of early modern London, looking at how physical and social geography affected the collaborative writing of plays.

Laura Fryer is an Midlands3Cities/Arts Humanities Research Council funded PhD student within the Centre for Adaptations. Laura’s thesis examines the adapted screenplays of novelist and Merchant Ivory screenwriter, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.

Lucy Hobbs is a publisher and part-time PhD student within the Centre for Adaptations working on a thesis exploring the adaptation of the character M in the James Bond Franchise.

Sally King is research student writing a PhD on adaptations of fairy tales and exploring computational approaches to the analysis of literary adaptation.

Matt Simons is based in De Montfort’s International Centre for Sports History and Culture and works under the supervision of Professor Robert Colls and Dr Simon Featherstone. The working title of his research project is ‘English Pilgrimages: Morris Dancing in England and Beyond, 1920-1939’.

Dwi Setiawan is a DIKTI funded PhD student within the Centre for Adaptations working on a thesis exploring depoliticisation and repoliticisation in Indonesian literature and film.

Rebecca Smith is a Collaborative Doctoral Award student researching the Daily Herald Picture Archive, a rich resource of 2.5 million twentieth-century press photographs, housed in the National Media Museum. At the moment she is predominantly looking at the back of the prints.

Philip Tromans is a wannabe bibliographer and book historian. His thesis looks at how the material features of and the paratexts to Elizabethan books about America affects meaning.

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